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GOLD/SILVER BOUGHT AND SOLD ANCIENT COIN SPECIALIST We are a small run Business based in York, on the most famous Medieval street in the. The city of York possesses an unrivalled representation of local coin-finds of most early periods. Hoards, single coins or even fragments of coins may be found at. VIKINGS OF YORK. McKerrell and Stevenson analysed the four York coins in the E collection, which are all of reverse type G, with patriarchal cro found silver. york coins

York coins -

When it was examined on the ground, coins and scraps of silver were visible. The hoard has coins showing a wolf and twins Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, the symbol of Rome and with the inscription Felix Temp Reparatio a return to happy times which was struck when the coinage was restored to a good standard after years of neglect. Three officers and thirty other ranks were taken prisoner by him in the fort. The coin is part of quite a sizable holding of modern collectible coins, including a full set of 12 dinosaur coins issued with Eritrean obverses. Star Trek dollar This bizarre collectable piece of Liberian currency was struck to mark the opening of Star Trek Generations. Silver and gold armrings, neckrings and brooch fragments from the hoard The Vale of York cup The hoard consists of silver coins and 65 other items, [4] including ornaments, ingots and precious metal. St Peter Penny Money and Power As a sign that they were in control, kings made coins stamped with their names. York coins coins date to around 50AD and were made by the Corieltavi tribe who lived in what is now Lincolnshire and the East York coins. The hoard included objects from many diverse locations, including Samarkand in present-day UzbekistanNorth AfricaAfghanistanRussiaIrelandScandinaviaand continental Europe"illustrating the breadth of the Vikings' travels and trade connections. It york coins a fairly normal obverse showing the crest of Liberia, with Captain Kirk on the other side. This proved to be a valuable step as rains washed away evidence of the find york coins archaeologists returned only four days later. Coins from this period hold useful clues but were very different from modern examples.

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