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world 2 5 star coins

Star Coins: World · Star Coin #1 - After passing the first group of cactus creatures use Yoshi to eat Lakita and steal his cloud. · Star Coin #2 - Mario will come to a. Star Coins · Star Coin 1: After defeating the first lakitu, Mario must take the cloud and fly to the cloud with the hidden star coin · Star Coin 2: At the area of the Piranha. World is the first level after the Tower of World 2 in New Super Mario Bros. world 2 5 star coins The world 2 5 star coins then encounters their first Blockhopper. Star Coin 3 Once you pass the midway flag of the level, head right a few screens until you see a giant Piranha plant. Star Coins Star Coin 1 This level's first coin is obscured behind a cloud. He should keep going until he finds a second Fire Snake. The player then sees a Spinyand some more Blockhoppers, which contain coins inside of them. The player then finds two more Blockhoppers, one of which containing a power-up, which help the player reach more coins. Mario should jump off of it to obtain the last Star Coin.


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