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  1. Prakash Pandit - Reply

    В @Bat ManВ  should have stopped the jokers gangsters

  2. Jeong Ho Seo - Reply

    Buy Dogecoin instantly here on Binance:​

  3. Shanawaz Khan - Reply

    @Dynosaur Rokks That's the optimism I'm using to get through this downturn - if I didn't think it had a chance to go past 5K, I wouldn't have invested a penny of my hard-earned money to begin with. I'm holding my BTC until the day I can look back and laugh about being upset that it didn't make it past 5K the first time. I'm learning from my mistakes, they just hurt really bad short term.

  4. Durai Tamil - Reply

    CRO is no longer Etherium based. It runs on its own network as of March 25 2021... You also earn a minimum of 20% APY when you stake CRO on the Defi wallet.

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