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uncleaned roman coins › › Ancient › Roman › Uncleaned Ancient Roman Coins. Uncleaned coins have passed through many hands. A silver coin or valuable rare coin may occasionally slip by, but not very often. Some eBay sellers claim "​Gold. You came to the right place if you're serious about collecting ancient coins. I'm not sure if purchasing and handling uncleaned coin lots is the.

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How Graeme from Unearthed cleans his bronze roman coins If you buy unclean Roman coins in counted lots it means that someone has sorted through them when they have counted them and probably taken all of the best ones out. Generally speaking the best coins are larger, thicker and earlier examples. Uncleaned roman coins are not interested in removing or sorting our Hoards in any way we simply source them then sell them as they uncleaned roman coins in as found in lots by weight. Why collect uncleaned coins? It is far better to buy your unclean Roman coins by weight for uncleaned roman coins number of important reasons. Because of the quantity of Hoards we buy as well as our spending power we are the first call for a wide range of suppliers from all over the world.

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From each Hoard we take fifty coins at random and clean them to show you the types and quality of coins to be found in that particular Hoard. What do people do with them after they are clean? We are based in the UK and all of our stock listed is physical, have a look in the Gallery for proof. Why it is better to buy unclean Roman coins by weight? Because all of our Hoards are completely untouched it means that you really can find some rare and valuable coins. uncleaned roman coins


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