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  1. Sanjay Kundara - Reply

    Then that would be what is called a "you" problem, now wouldn't it? What part of being prepared do you not have the capability to comprehend? Is all of America so decadently useless and irresponsible?

  2. Nguyen Nguyen - Reply

    Boa noite! Irmão faça um video sobre a - Rigel Finance (RIGEL) teve 400% essa semana! Ela só tem 30mil moedas, vai explodir! Projeto parecido com a Uniswap!!! Ela vai pra lua!!!! 💥

  3. SP Randhawa - Reply

    В  MMT is full of double standards since it advocates one rule for one group В and another set of rules for others. Yet you pursue it.В 

  4. Shahnawaz Alam - Reply

    Salaam brother have you gt a contact number or email so i xan get in touch i have a querie ragrds buying btc in pk

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