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  1. Uttam Khojpura - Reply

    В @JK7kayeВ  Youtube says this was uploaded in 2009. Are you sure you saw it first in 2007? Isn't this the original song?

  2. I have no car - Reply

    I dont get it can anyone please explain this to me?

  3. TMZ Brand - Reply

    В @N3D.studioВ  I don't understand :))) btc and others ! btc is btc, but others :)))) it is gambling. One word from US goverment can cut the btc valuation in half in 15 minutes. It can still go to zero. Everybody can gamble us much as they like, just don't fuck poor peaple brains about 500 000 price, because you don;t know shit. Nobody does :) And your youtube movies can ruin a lot of lifes. ANd your real income is from youtube movies, not from btc right ? :)))))

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