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super mario bros wii 2 5 star coins

World of New Super Mario Bros Wii is a pretty standard Mario desert affair, but that doesn't make finding all three of it's hidden Star Coins. World 5 Star Coin Locations – New Super Mario Bros. Wii · World · WikiGameGuides · More videos · More videos on YouTube · World Mario and co. can obtain it either by dismounting Yoshi while in midair, or by commandeering Lakitu's cloud. Star Coin 2: Shortly. super mario bros wii 2 5 star coins

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii World 5-5 All Star Coins HD It's right where Lakitu appears -- you should have Yoshi or a Propeller Suit to make this easier. Pilot it straight into the coin. Star Coin 2 The second coin of this level is extremely well hidden. Find a spot to nab a Lakitu easily. Star Coins Star Coin 1 This level's first coin is obscured behind a cloud.


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