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state coin rings

HISTORY. Starting in the US Mint decided to commemorate each state with a special quarter depicting a unique aspect of the state. Five different states were​. These rings are all made out of U.S. Minted State OR Year Quarters! ***PLEASE NOTE: I have "ALL" of the State Quarters, as well as Year Quarters from. These silver state quarter rings are handmade using actual 90% silver coins. These rings make great souvenirs, going away gifts and even silver wedding.

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Making a Pro Coin Ring Without Expensive Tools Tamara F. Gerald r. Looks great Connie H. Great job! So evolving into silver which I also wanted. state coin rings


  1. Sorav gupta - Reply

    В @KritischeStimmeВ  0, 40 000 hahahahahahahahahhahah

  2. Vamshi vk - Reply

     @Justforplaylist nothingelse  agreed, they’ll go long on the bull trend then possibly even short on the bear trend

  3. Milam Armstrong - Reply

    Everyone is in their own little cryptoverse! Don't be greedy is all i would be telling myself if i was a Bitcoin old timer. I think it's exciting times we live in! You're awesome Ben you know your IQ is not your crypto wallet thanks for the videos keep up the good work.

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