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  1. Account - Reply

    The COVID-19 pandemic has cost the world a lot of discomfort in various ways, particularly financial and otherwise, for months now. Let's not sit back and pretend CHANGE IS NOT CONSTANT. It is high time to change this pandemic in your favor.

  2. Shivakanya M - Reply

    The crossover nobody expected but everybody wanted :D!

  3. AJMALKHAN CB - Reply

    Whoa slow down, you lost me. LoL So I can start my own company using an ICO? Things got super-computer in the video there, I don't know any computer language stuff, it's a wonder I can turn this thing on really. I would like to start a production company but I needed funding. Do I need to register with the government first? Or can I start do an I.C.O. to hit the goal and then go start the company?

  4. Sarfaraj Shaikh - Reply

    В @xrecixВ В top troll tho xD fooled so many poeple

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