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sri lanka district coins

Title:SRI LANKA 10 RUPEES - 25 DISTRICT 'MATALE' COMMORATIVE COIN UNC. No information is available for this page. Sri Lanka. 25 district coins. General. Face Value: —. Country: —. Year: —. Mint: —. Composition: —. Weight: —. Diameter: —. Thickness: —. Shape: —. Edge: —.

: Sri lanka district coins

Sri lanka district coins 80
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Punched coins Coins with the figure swastika The coin with tree and swastika The coin with lion and swastika Lion coins. Archaeological research have revealed the ancient coins hidden underneath the earth as sri lanka district coins of activities of ancient humans, are so numerous as to prepare a directory of coins and these coins help immensely to interpret our history. Punched coins Coins sri lanka district coins the figure swastika The coin with tree and swastika The coin with lion and swastika Lion coins. Expansion of Inscriptions Evolution of Letters in Sri Lanka Majority of epigraphics mention the donations made to Buddhist monasteries and the Sagha by ancient kings as well as common people. Subsequently coins of systematic shapes evolved. sri lanka district coins

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Commemorative set of 10 Rupee Coins from 25 Districts of Sri Lanka


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