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Product features. NEWS AND ANALYSIS; PRICES AND CHARTS; COIN ANALYSIS AND SIGNALS; ICO (INITIAL COIN OFFERING) TRACKER; NEWS BY SITE. The Signal Application project is a revolutionary cryptocurrency trading tool that aims to arm the everyday trader with the same data multinational corporations. Hypotheses one and two postulate an influence of an exogenous and an endogenous signal on the amounts of funds raised in ICO campaigns. In. signal coin ico Signal coin ico ICO investors have access to a whitepaper, which like an IPO prospectus, contains information for assessing the quality of the offer, there sell junk silver coins decisive differences between an ICO whitepaper and an IPO prospectus: Firstly, the whitepaper is reviewed signal coin ico individual experts and thus represents an important contribution for investors Fisch and Momtaz Furthermore, the issue price of the share is determined based on signal coin ico evaluation. However, they all have in common that each of them enables companies to easily communicate and interact on digital channels with many users, customers, or private investors Wallbach et al. In the existing literature, two main clusters comprise the motives for an IPO: firstly, research of motives for going public, secondly research on the first-day returns, which encompasses the motivations of investors. Against this background, the following questions arise: 1 How do exogenous and endogenous signals affect the fundraising of ICOs?


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