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rising tides of lava star coins

Rising Tides of Lava. The first Star Coin is near the entrance, under a bridge. Wait for the tide to rise, then jump on the floating shells of the Big. Star Coins​​ You can either wait for the lava to begin rising to jump on the giant shell enemies or just bounce off them when they are on the ground. Star Coin 2 - Later on in the level you'll find a P-Switch that highlights a path of blue coins. When the path ends, look down as the lava recedes for a lower path. Peach's Castle-3 Rising Tides of Lava - New Super Mario U Charles Jackson|7 days ago. 11/20/ · Star Coins []. Star Coin 1 - This one is easy to spot.

Rising tides of lava star coins -

Pick a level The second Star Coin is directly under the midway flag, beneath a bridge. This article is a stub. It seems to be in the same place as it was in New Super Mario Bros. The gap has an invisible block with a vine to the third Star Coin and a Fire Chomp. The path will split ahead.

: Rising tides of lava star coins

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rising tides of lava star coins

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 🌰 8-3 Rising Tides of Lava 🌰 100% All Star Coins There are several mushroom platforms with screws that change their height. The player starts next to a ledge before a Big Buzzy Beetle, which is followed by a? Next is a group of three purple rising tides of lava star coins platforms, with the first and third lowering and the second rising. You have to hit the P-Switch, then motor as fast as you can along the brick blocks it has created to a green pipe near the end of the course. Ahead are sets of mushrooms that will alternate in their height when the screw is activated.


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