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  1. Nguyen Ngoc Ky - Reply

    В @Isabella RodriguezВ  It was blm who bailed them out with money from left wing democrats. They did not help, one of the officers even said that chavin should take his knee off of him. And you people act like floyd is a god but he has been arrested for. Aggervated robbery with a deadly weapon but still you guys think that he is innocent and did not do anything but he was try to use fradulent money which is a crime. But cnn paints him a person who did nothing and ended up dead. My anger is that these "peace full" riots are killing and injuring police officers and you want change by attacking random white people who do not do anything. By killing Federal officers and assualting them with bricks and sledge hammers. Now guess what happens when you defund or abbolish the police. Every city will turn into a chicago and murder rates will sky rocket. But Cnn does not cover that just that trump is a bad president and every white cop involved in a incident with a black person is racist. And if people are "scared" of our judical system. Them dont commit the crime and dont have to worry about the system.

  2. aaron akymovic - Reply

     @Mathilde Hansen  his whatS**App handle 👇👇

  3. Kala Sharma - Reply

    ja da pra ver q o cara é uma criança quando só sabe xingar e bostejar kkl

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