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muscle pass coin

Flying Coin (Muscle Pass): Please follow me please. U have to put a coin like a poker chip or something big. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. › close-up-magic-downloads › fingertip-mus. The Muscle Pass is a technique that makes coin magic as eye-poppingly visual as any magic on earth. But, it's also a technique that takes many hours of.

: Muscle pass coin

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Muscle pass coin -

I would say that the hardest part is catching the thing when you got the speed. Close Add to cart Who runs the Vanishing Inc. Definitely worth the small investment even if you own the other 2 sources. RonPatrick said: Just a question for all you muscle passers. At this point your other hand can be in a position to catch the coin at the top of its assent. Stage 3: You notice the coin pop out of your grip and simply flip over degrees. However, you will start to see some results after just a few weeks work. The muscle pass was originally known as the anti-gravity coin. Nothing big to worry about. There's even some free magic downloads you can grab right now. Moisture muscle pass coin make the coin to slide out of the palm grip and it will be much harder to make the coin jump. This makes a huge difference to muscle pass coin move and reaching a good height. Close Add to cart Who runs the Vanishing Inc. I had trouble till I found the sweet spot.

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