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iran coin with lion holding sword

Download this stock image: Iran Iranian silver coin five thousand dinars or 5 uniformed bust of Sultan Ahmad Shah 1/4 left, lion holding sword in front of r. This page is about Coin with Lion Holding Sword,contains Iran 5 Pahlavi KM Prices & Values,Iran 1/2 Pahlavi KM Prices & Values,Iran Pinterest · Persia 10 rial () Condition VF. The emblem of Persia, a lion holding a scimitar sword with a sun behind it, was first used in the 12th century.

Iran coin with lion holding sword -

There are many coins that look the same, that is, they have the lion, saber, and sun pattern. The value is for average circulated coins without any problems like spots, scratches, stains, cleanings, etc. There are also collectible coins that look like this made of silver. This page applies to the bronze coins. Click to this page if your coin is made of silver. You can figure out the date and denomination on these coins using these eastern Arabic numerals. There are also collectible coins that look like this made of silver. Hope you have one of these! Between and Iran issued several different denominations of dinar coins made out of bronze and aluminum bronze. Don't be fooled by the date, these are modern coins. Here are rough catalog values for just about iran coin with lion holding sword the coins, including all dates and all denominations. It is an SH solar Hejira date, which is based on the life of Muhammed. The date appears on the side without the lion, at the bottom. iran coin with lion holding sword

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