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Hyper Heroes is a free RPG available on Android and iOS. channeled to a single focus i.e. Arena Coin forge to get 2 Tinder babe soul stones. Thread: Soul shop coins? click on a 5 star heroes ss you have Go to inventory/stones and then click on hero who is 5* and has extra ss. › watch.

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Hyper Heroes: How to get Soul Coins, Relic Keys \u0026 Other Game Coins? Another way to get Arena coins is playing in Arena, there will be daily rank rewards according to your rank and for Materia Coin, there is expedition so everytime you do the expedition you can get materia coins as well if you do the maximum the hardest one, you can get approximately materia coins, let's see. When you join guild quest, you can get a lot of guild coins as well. Sometimes you will be able to get soul coins or relic keys like now I've got relic keys Hyper heroes soul coins is Path of Heroes, when you login you can actually get soul coins but you have to login consistently, everytime you login there will be hyper heroes soul coins let's say you login for 2months You get 5, soul coins and login for 75 days will get you 5, soul coins as well and so on After that, it will be relic keys and hyper heroes soul coins tokens etc. Soul shop: Recommend to buy only S rank heroes that you are focusing on Raid all 4 expedition if energy recharge is sufficient and not costly. Never draw 1. For example at team level is 50, you may hire a guildie's mercenary whose team level is maximum


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