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human mouth coin purse

The strikingly realistic human mouth coin purse comes complete with beard stubble, soft lips, and even true to life teeth and gums. The conceptual coin purse was. Made and designed with extremely realistic material that looks like real teeth, real gums, real lips, and it even features a 5 o'clock shadow, the. It has realistic facial hair and lips and in order to insert a coin, you have to touch the man's lips with your fingers and separate them open. And.

Human mouth coin purse -

Now, this may not sound so crazy at first. Made of silicon rubber, the purse has been shaped to resemble the lower half of a man's face — complete with a five-o-clock shadow. At the time of this writing, the human face coin holder is just a concept for now and just a one-off piece. Japanese DJ ' Doooo ' has created an extremely creepy coin purse that's made to look like the bottom half of someone's face. If you're wondering what that is, it's exactly what it sounds like. But the realistic features aren't only on the outside. Tweet In today's epidode of "Why does this exist?

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Designers Create These Hyperrealistic Human-Flesh Accessories



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