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These homemade chocolate coins are much easier to make than you probably think. They take just a few ingredients and a little bit of time! Feb 6, - Homemade gold coins, DIY gold coins, DIY treasure, how to make pirate treasure - Homemade Gold Coins. Homemade coin vortex. This is a coin vortex I made as a way to try to raise some money for my after school science club. I worked. home made coins

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Casting Custom BRASS Coins From Wax Molds - Easy DIY Coin Making Add Tip. Gently pry apart the blocks. Home made coins Tip. If you own a dehydrator, the whole process can be sped up tremendously. Lay your coins out to dry as flat as possible without disturbing the design. If a thicker coin is desired, you can add washers or another nut to add thickness.


  1. Nandani Kumari - Reply

    I want to build up my PC, and now it's cost 2 time from normal!

  2. Pooja Kulria - Reply

    What's wrong? The fact that China obviously is wearing thin of U.S.A taking advantage of Dollar market and printing out estimated 300 to 500 billion dollars of free U.S. currency and, then dumping and circulating in global currency market annually. Remember, that's all free monies that good old USA getting away with annually. Besides, America is living out waning days in twilight zone with ever growing mountain of debt ($22 Trillions), mighty deficit, costly wars in Iraq/Afghanistan ($10 Trillions). Sure enough, China predicted that. Like I said, China and others are also getting weary of U.S.A printing out estimated 300 to 500 billion dollars of free U.S. currency and circulating in global finance system annually. That's all FREE monies that good old USA getting away with each and every year.


    @ Katherine - so many words, so little meaning. Jason is right: inflation vs direct, negative rates on savings are completely different from each other. OP and Katherine have no knowledge of how monetary system works, I suggest ignoring any advice they give.

  4. braj mohan kumar - Reply

    Ellen called Mindy "very single" but now she is going to be a Mom рџ’“

  5. Ayisha S - Reply

    investing in crypto currency is the best thing to do especially with the current rise in the market now

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