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helvetica coin

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On either side of the shield is the face value 20 FR below the date stamp. The official exchange rate with the cantonal concordate currency was seven Batzen to one franc. The — coins were taken out of circulation in ; the coins of onward remain legal tender. As the Batzen in the concordate currency of the s represented a tenth of a franc in pre-revolutionary currency: a seventh of a franc , the 10 centime coin retained the name of Batzen colloquially. Voigt's design for the reverse side, consisting of the coin value in wreaths of grapes, oak leaves and gentian, remains in use in the current coins, while his design of the federal coat of arms on the obverse was replaced in the s. The value of this coin was 10 Batzen. These coins are traded for amounts in excess of CHF 30, A first competition for the redesign in received entries by artists. The batch of coins produced in and was insufficient, and the Federal Council had to resort to authorising the circulation of French, Belgian helvetica coin Italian coins. The value of this coin was 10 Batzen. The 5 centimes coin helvetica coin switched to a yellow-metal Aluminium bronze alloy inand the white-metal Cupronickel 5 centimes coins of — were retired in In debased to The name remained until the beginning of the 19th helvetica coin, and connected with the people and the region. helvetica coin


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