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franklin mint bronze presidential coins

Product Description. Set contains 35 Bronze Coins of Presidents from George Washington to Buy Franklin Mint Presidential Coins (Solid. Shells Franklin Mint Presidential Coins Solid Bronze Collectors Set George Washington thru Richard Nixon My mother has had these for so long she cant. Get the best deals on Franklin Mint Presidential Coins In other Franklin Mint Collectibles when you shop the largest online selection at. franklin mint bronze presidential coins

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Franklin Mint Presidential Coin Collection The holes are punched all the way through the board, the copyright in the bottom-right corner of the board is printed using a large font, and the back of the board has a sheet of plastic glued to the board to keep the medals from falling out the back. First version: The franklin mint bronze presidential coins board has thirty-five holes which are punched all the way through so that, when the medal is inserted, the entire reverse of the medal is visible. This medal bag contains an L. Nixon' printed under it and the Richard M. The Crazy Shell's Mr. Johnson Medals. Johnson medal.


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