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first holy communion coins

First Holy Communion coin token gift. 30 mm (1 1/8 ") diameter. Prayer on the reverse of each coin. Smooth and tactile, perfect for your pocket or purse/wallet. Back of coin read: "May God Bless You On this First Holy Communion Day." Made in Italy. 1 1/4" FIRST HOLY COMMUNION PEWTER POCKET TOKEN Keepsake Medal: Kitchen & Home. first holy communion coins

: First holy communion coins

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LIVE CRYPTO EXCHANGE RATES A premium dark grey foam insert holds your medallion snug inside the box. The burning bush is found on many tokens, as are objects such as a Biblecommunion cup or communion table first holy communion coins, or else Christian symbols such as the fishlamb or first holy communion coins. For the Catholic faith, the Holy Communion is the third of seven sacraments received. Celebrate this sacrament depicted on the obverse of this 1 troy ounce of. When purchasing the First Communion 1oz. Topping off the gift box is a custom fitted sleeve featuring a maroon bow; with several sleeve designs available, see above for alternate packaging options to choose from! The First Communion 1oz.
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Once first holy communion coins order is submitted, each piece is handled with care by our engraving department to make your message perfect! Celebrate this sacrament first holy communion coins on the obverse of this 1 troy ounce of. They were made of lead or another base metal[9] and came in a variety of shapes: round, oval, square or oblong. Grieg wrote in that they were still used by "a few congregations in the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia. Earlier tokens had the ministers' initials on them, and many had the name of the church.

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