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delfino plaza 100 coins

The first Blue Coin can be found by climbing the roofs across the canal and heading to the side of the large building in the northwest of the. As with every region in Super Mario Sunshine, you will be able to get a shine in Delfino Plaza by collecting Gold coins. The challenge is. From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube In Delfino Plaza, you can get an unlimited amount of coins. Once you get coins, DON'T​. delfino plaza 100 coins

Delfino plaza 100 coins -

Shine 13 - Cleaning the Shine Gate To clean the Shine Gate, rocket up to the grassy ledges behind it, and hose off from there. Line up straight and then fire your Turbo Nozzle. To the right of the water is a golden bird picture You are given more than enough time to do it all, so don't worry if you have to go back for a few coins. Then stop to collect the shine picture9. Have Yoshi eat the coconuts from the tree while you wait for the next boat, which goes from this island to the metal structure south of here. Walk to the left edge, tweak your camera so it is directly behind you, then start sliding, always hugging the left rim so you don't fall into the pit on the right. Rocket up again, then do a ground pound from rocket height. Holding left after the launch lets you delfino plaza 100 coins the coin on the top left in a green platform. Holding right and hovering allows you to get the top right coin in a green platform. You will end up in a short stage where you have to slide down a series of ramps. First, switch to an overhead view so the grass won't obscure the scene delfino plaza 100 coins much, and you won't risk falling into the pits. This walkthrough was written using the original Gamecube version of the game.

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Super Mario Sunshine Best way to get 100 Coins in Delfino Plaza


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