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coops coins in redlands

Reviews, hours, and info for Briggs and Coops Coins Collectors Galleries in Redlands CA - Hobbies & Toys, Christmas in Redlands, Collectibles & Galleries. Home - Briggs and Coops | Coins, Bullion & Currency | Redlands, Ca. Saved by LifeHouse Theater ยท Coin DealersCoopsTheaterTheatresShedTeatroChicken. In the shop moved to its current location in Redlands from the Central City Mall in San Bernardino. Since the retirement of Dudding in , Briggs and his. coops coins in redlands Coins and coops coins in redlands money were added to be the larger part of the business. We know that we offer more money than anyone else, and we are so confident that we encourage you to shop around There is no other coin business this side of the Mississippi that has been under the same ownership this long, which is a point of pride for the Briggs family. Don't donate heirlooms without getting their value assessed first. If you don't know your coins Briggs started working there in when he was 16 coops coins in redlands still in high school, and has worked there continuously since then. Their son, JR, works there full time, and has for many years.


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