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confoederatio helvetica coin 5

Denomination, 5 rappen. Currency rate, CHF = USD. Year, Period, Confoederatio Helvetica ( - ). Coin type, Circulation coins. › exchange › swiss-francs › swiss-franc-coins. of 86 Results · Switzerland 5 Centimes Francs Swiss Coin Confoederatio Helvetica. $ 1 bid · Confoederatio Helvetica 20 Rappen Swiss. confoederatio helvetica coin 5 The official exchange rate with the cantonal concordate currency was seven Batzen to one franc. From standing Helvetia by Albert Walch. The 5 centimes coin was switched to a yellow-metal Aluminium bronze alloy inand the white-metal Cupronickel 5 centimes coins of — were retired in There was confoederatio helvetica coin 5 federal confoederatio helvetica coin 5 money prior towith the establishment of the Swiss National Bankalthough the cantons had the right to issue banknotes. A first batch in Cupronickel The version of the 5 francs coin, produced in a small batch of 30, pieces, sees offers upward of CHF 2, in auctions. In again replaced with bronze 3.


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