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Feb 25, - Explore louise's board "50 pence pieces" on Pinterest. Fifty Pence Coins Rare Olympic and Commemorative Rare 50p Coins Value, 50p. 50p Coins List A-Z. Information, mintage figures and approximate values for 50p coins. Click a coin for more information. Reverse of D-Day Commemorative Fifty Pence. Reverse of Commemorative Design for Britain's 25th Anniversary of EU Membership.

Commemorative 50 pence coins -

Inflation and the reduced purchasing power of the ten shilling note, had led to the life span of the note being only about 6 months, and it had become too expensive to continue to use such a low value note. The legend "50" was photo-etched from a master drawn by Ray Gooding on the faces of the samples since it had already been decided that the new coin would be the first coin of the new Decimal series. It was the world's first equilateral curve heptagon. The diameter was reduced from Each coin was identified within its tier by its size and each tier had to be capable of being identified by sight and touch. The shape of the original 50p coin was used for the 20p coin, introduced in To date, three different obverses have been used. We recount the story of the sovereign on our sovereign story page, and of the half sovereign commemorative 50 pence coins our half sovereign story page. However, this turned out to be a wavy-edged form with re-entrant sides which would not roll and which could not be measured easily. Britannia was chosen as the motif on its reverse, and this seems to have been a good choice. It therefore had to be a different shape; various methods had been used overseas to overcome this problem but none were without drawbacks. The problem with this was that all coins are arranged in "tiers", commemorative 50 pence coins coin in a tier having the same weight-to-value ratio so that a commemorative 50 pence coins of mixed coins could be weighed to ascertain the value so long as they were all bronze, all silver, etc.

Commemorative 50 pence coins -

As of June , coins bearing the portrait by Jody Clark have been seen in circulation. Rule Britannia The design chosen to be used on the new fifty pence needed to be familiar yet distinctive. The design remained unchanged. The "new" label continued until , and from the issue, the word "new" was discontinued. If the shilling coin was to be made in the same tier as the silver coins it would have to be twice the weight of the Crown then and now only in use for commemorative pieces and it was generally agreed that that would make it very unpopular and expensive. Britannia was chosen as the motif on its reverse, and this seems to have been a good choice.


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