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  1. Shahid Rizwan - Reply

    But since then I haven’t even been able to make the fortune I had in mind.

  2. SABRA KHATOON - Reply

    Motion blur used to be a terrible waste of time and looked awful. I think it looks much, much better than it used to, though.

  3. Rupali Bharambe - Reply

    In South Africa, I come from a very conservative family where finances are not shared with children. Even though a family of entrepreneurs, we wern't taught financial education. The one lesson i do remember and didn't practice was - Don't make debt hahahaa. I have felt it and learnt the lesson the hard way and am including that lesson in my tachings to my children.

  4. Karan Gulati - Reply

    I had XRP EXAAAACCTLY as predicted. I even went a little bit degen and scalped it on the 1min for extra points. I love this stuff! Haha. Still not giving up on my little BADGER though. That little BADGER is Mean!! :)

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