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coin photography ideas

Apr 28, - How to take pictures of coins for fun and profit!. See more ideas about photography, coins, macro photography tips. The best method is to use the lighting technique mentioned earlier so everything is well illuminated, then; turn the ISO to to for a nice. Coin photography has come a long way in the last few years since the arrival of digital cameras. Digital cameras allow virtually anyone to take good photographs​.

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Use an illuminated flat panel for a shadowless image E. At higher aperture numbers, less light is let into the camera, necessitating longer shutter speeds but giving a better depth of field. Most of the available hand-held digital cameras have a setting for coin photography ideas photography which allows focus at the close range required for good coin photos. Some mint state coins, such as those coin photography ideas by the United States Mint, can have proof like qualities, but most exhibit luster across the entire surface of a coin. Conversely, an expensive camera can take bad pictures if the setup is not right. coin photography ideas


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