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coin operated candy floss machine

Product Name. candy machine. Model No. YADAF. Color. 3 choices as picture. Player. 1. Warranty. 1 year. Size. 65*55* cm. Material. metal. Easy to operate, you can order as many candy floss snacks as you want. Insert your coin, press start, and watch this automatic cotton candy vending machine. Coin operated automatic cotton candy vending machine/ automatic sugar cotton candy floss machine for sale. Features: 4insure.usising / operation prompt screen;.

Coin operated candy floss machine -

Shown for the first time at the ASI exhibition in March last year, such was the demand for the product, even featuring as a prize on the well-known television show the Price is Right, that Intermatic could not keep up with the orders and a US manufacturing base had to be established. The entertainment and interactive element you get from the machine are its key selling points as well as the low cost of operation and high ROI. Cotton candy machines have ribbons or tubular elements. Through its two subsidiaries Happy Days Vending, based in the UK - formed in to deal with European sales and Cotton Candy Vending, formed just last year in the US, Intermatic has brought the first interactive coin-op candy floss machine to the industry - providing patrons with an alternative to spend their money on. Although Intermatic sees the product as truly global as it can be sited in locations where, traditionally, there might be issues for other types of coin-op amusement machines, its focus so far has been on the US. The colors could be red, green, yellow.

Coin operated candy floss machine -

There are some innovative games out there and new customers and opportunities available. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. It all depends on the gas balloon and battery. Get Quote. Subscribe Candy floss has been an integral part of the fairground experience for years - giving guests a little bit of sugary happiness before they head over to the Ferris wheel. Johannesburg and Pretoria. When cotton candy machines were first invented, it was an instant hit.

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Fairy Floss Machine coin operated candy floss machine


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