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coin operated air machine

Will adapt to most coin operated Air/Water. ❖. Machines & Vacuums. Options. Stand Alone Vault with Coin Box in Vault. ❖. Stand Alone Vault with Concrete. Air King of America, Inc. Provides American Made Heavy Duty Air and Vacuum Machines, Located in: Frontier Way, Bensenville, IL () These are our best selling air machines. Each coin-operated air machine can be customized to best fit your application. Add-on options for credit card readers.

: Coin operated air machine

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Coin operated air machine A common problem with the prior art is that the coin boxes have been secured by lock and key exposed to exterior tampering or forcing action. One side of the vault has an opening to receive an edge coin operated air machine the door. The other side of the vault has an extension which passes through a slot in the door to receive a hardened steel padlock. There is a recess in the vertical base which houses the coin vault assembly at a depth which can not be actively tampered by hacksaw, chisel, etc. Justice Murphy found that the plaintiffs met their burden for a preliminary injunction pending the resolution of their lawsuit. Most of these stations have self service air pumps and vehicle vacuums. There is coin operated air machine coin mechanism which trips an electrical timing device connected to the motor.
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Still another object of the present invention is a coin vault having an impregnable heavy steel construction including a removable door that once installed provides no openings or edges for tampering or forced action by tools and the like. Of these patents, Heraty is interesting in that it is a coin vault for a vacuum machine in a car wash service station. Coin operated air machine is therefore one object of the present invention to provide a coin vault assembly in which the lock is protected from tampering or forced actions. A coin vault coin operated air machine as in claim 1 wherein said door has a first end and a second end, where said first end has a right angle shape for insertion in said slot of said first wall for pivoting said door, and where a slot is near said second end to receive said extension means from said second wall. Looking at FIG. The coin vault assembly is coin operated air machine of a vertical base of the air machine. A coin vault assembly as in claim 4 wherein said door has a crescent shaped lock protector partially surrounding said door slot and said extension means to protect said padlock from tampering and forced action. coin operated air machine

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A rectangular cover 18 attaches to the top support 14 to protect the vacuum 16 from weather conditions. Claims 6 What is claimed is: 1. The most recent U. It is important that metals be used that are capable of withstanding attempts at forced entry into the vault, and while hardened steel is discussed, other suitable materials may also be used. There is a hole in the top of the vault connecting the vault to the conduit from the coin mechanism. Murphy enjoined the Town of Hempstead from enforcing a law enacted by former Supervisor Anthony Santino's administration that bans the possession and use of coin-operated air machines for tire inflation.


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