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coin master link app

: Coin master link app

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Coin master link app -

coin master link app

Coin master link app -

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  1. nishaa kumari - Reply

    It will happen, it’s the only way for them to get what they want , “real time gross settlement” were just consumers to them , what they don’t like is people holding money in the bank because it stagnates the economy, eventually all work forces will be paying at the end of the day like uber does! That’s “real time gross settlement” the faster you get paid the faster you’re going on a shopping spree, it’s not about taking our money and leaving us poor , what’s government or corporations with services with no consumers? Nothing! And cash is to crypto to what blockbuster is to Netflix, like all movies what was on dvd and vhs got loaded into Netflix so it can get a startup is what cash and all debt is going to get loaded into blockchains , and the other reason is to cause a separation between state and money! Money is power and states shouldn’t have all that power!

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