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  1. Pramathesh Sarma - Reply

    Agreed, Absolutely par for the course, just have to zoom out!

  2. Shrimp Daddy - Reply

    I'll take it a step furthur, Catherine. A. Fitts & Alasdair Macleod agree, that when fiat utterly fails so will cryptos. The reason being, in a nutshell, is that cryptos are the judas goat too a world central bank controlled digital currency... of course they had a way to wipe it before it was released, any sensible banking R&D would, like a high tech cyber virus, probably quantum tech, attacking any backups that come on line making cyptos null & void. Statoshi Nakamoto is clearly a psudonym for the Elite Bankers. . . one doesn't create a lethal disease without the antidote... totally controled by you, (central banker).


    No One you can’t be a jojo fan if you call it a cartoon

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