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coin bubble tsum › watch. How to Create Different Types of Bubbles During the Game · 7 to 13 chain creates a normal bubble · 9 to 16 chain creates a time bubble (+2. The tsum tsum game is likely designed to create chains of a specific number of tsum tsum characters. Get a combo in 1 play. 9 to 16 chain.

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Line disney tsum tsum september event disney storybooks classics series ii 5th storybook. Coin bubbles tsum tsum. Here is a brief description to have a clue. Horn Hat Mickey create Bubbles that you can move anywhere on the screen. Earn 1 exp in total pop 3 coin bubbles in total 90pts anna elena. Line disney tsum tsum september event disney storybooks coin bubble tsum series ii 5th storybook. Try to clear chains that are between 16 and 18 tsums long for the best chance of getting coin bubbles but any chain between 13 and 20 can get a coin. Ninja Donald Clears a zigzag coin bubble tsum Tsums and creates Bubbles. Tsum and strategy to get coin bubbles. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I used jet pack alien. coin bubble tsum

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