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charles sinclair coin shop killer

Charles T. Sinclair. Wikipedia. Available at:​Charles_T._Sinclair. Smith, Pete. Coin Shop Murders. Over the period of a decade, from to , a vicious and unscrupulous killer targeted coin shops throughout the Western states of. The Coin Shop Killer, born Charles Thurman Sinclair, was an American alleged robber and murderer suspected of various murders of coin shop owners from the earlys and s. He was categorized as a nomadic killer who was linked to murders across the Western states of the United States as well as into Canada.

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Serial Killer Roman Burzev interview The red and white trailer they had been travelling in was found by a campground staff member empty at a campground in Washington. The family had been living on the second floor of a rented wood-frame house with no bathroom, and an outside privy. Officers found unspecified items linking Sinclair to the Spokane and Vacaville murders. Charles sinclair coin shop killer said he had enough money saved to buy a place with charles sinclair coin shop killer acreage, get some mules and some horses. Detectives across several states had been trying to solve separate crimes, but now it seemed possible they were all looking for the same man. Police had hoped he would talk to them, but he never did. charles sinclair coin shop killer


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