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british museum coins catalogue

Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum: Catalogue of the Coins of ancient India. Author: Allan,John. Publisher: The Trustee of the British Museum. Buy Catalogue of the Muhammadan Coins in the British Museum: Arab-​Sassanian Coins v. 1 New impression by Walker, John (ISBN: ) from. A few of the more remarkable and interesting coins not in the. British Museum are figured on Pl. XLV., among which, however, the tetradrachm of Cnidus (Fig.

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: British museum coins catalogue

Bitcoin top price Data Export. This project takes as british museum coins catalogue starting point the Roman Republican coins in the British Museum collection. All images are copyright of their respective institutions. The national collection of paper money, ranging from 14th-century Chinese banknotes to the euro. Crawford, Roman Republican Coinage Coin type data are made available with an Open Database License.
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british museum coins catalogue

British museum coins catalogue -

Crawford, Roman Republican Coinage , In the meantime you can find information on almost , of our objects on Collection online. Ground floor:. See Membership for more information. Data Export. Please complete our Study room application form and email it to: coins britishmuseum. It's open from


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