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book of knowledge coin banks

Reproduced From Original In Collection Of The BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE "OLE PUFFER" Bank. It is missing the plug, however, it works well and looks good. Enclosed is some information about antique mechanical coin banks. As you will see, on page 2, The Book of Knowledge reproductions are just like the originals. Since yesterday, i've never seen such a beatiful coin bank. The shooter put's down his head to aim the target, very nice. How can i find out, if it is an original or a. book of knowledge coin banks On the bottom ist writen "Book of knowledge" and on the closer of the coinbank, you can see "Feb 2 PAT". Grenadier Bank - Hertz, Griffith, Dec. Money Bag. The carpet-bagger is characterized in the "Stump Speaker Bank". Assembling and decoration is done by hand too.


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    Why,because you will remain where you are or even make huge losses yhat will stop you from trading, this was my problem when i tried to trade on my own

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