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  1. vishal karekar - Reply

    Welcome back Sunny. If you plan on selling some of your bitcoin what will you buy instead? Or will you just wait for a pullback and reenter your position?

  2. chayton falcus - Reply

    Fees should never be that high on BSC. Not sure how you're getting that.

  3. William Carson - Reply

    I started trading Cryptocurrency's in 2015 guided by specific mentors and teachers, i still continue to and will for the rest of my life. (Unless your outlook is correct and its a scam and i loose that opportunity). I am now totally financially free and never have to work in a job for the rest of my life. Im living my dream life and doing whatever i want everyday. Paying over $187,000 in tax in crypto in 2018 you could say i "helped the economy". Even though trading is my job and you think it is "not a real job" i assume i have paid more tax than you over the last 3 years?

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