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bag of coins puzzle

Now you should be able to solve this variation, no problem: You have 10 bags of gold coins, 10 coins per bag, 10 grams coin, but one bag of coins weigh only 9. Put the three bags on the scale. Take one coin from one bag and put it on your right side, put a mark on that bag, take one more coin from a different bag and. It is given that only one of the ten bags is full of forgeries. This means that all the coins in that particular bag are forgery. Similarly, it can be concluded that all the.

: Bag of coins puzzle

SELL JUNK SILVER COINS Say hypothetically, of our bags, all coins in each of the bags weigh 1 gram each. If you're using a bag of coins puzzle that can register up to grams, what is the fewest number of times you could use the scale to find the one bag filled with fake coins? You have access to a balance scale containing 2 trays - you may use the balance 2 times. The fake coins weigh exactly 1 ounce each, while the real gold coins weigh 1. FYI, it was shown in an episode of Columbo. Is there any post or other bag of coins puzzle where this theory is discussed?
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1909 GOLD INDIAN HEAD COIN If you tried to weigh all the bags at bag of coins puzzle, you would go over the scale's measuring capacity. Solution As always, once you have taken a crack at solving the riddle, you can see the answer here. And remember, you can take coins out of the sacks and weigh a combination of them. All the bags and beads look identical. But one bag contains fake coins, so the weight is actually less than that.

Bag of coins puzzle -

The solution given by Columbo was the following: Number the bags from 1 to 3, take 1 coin from bag 1, 2 coins from bag 2 and 3 coins from bag 3. You can use a scale, but it has to be a single-tray scale, not a two-tray balance scale. And remember, you can take coins out of the sacks and weigh a combination of them. I have no knowledge of an alternative answer to this puzzle, but perhaps another member's answer may be enlightening if there is. So, you could take one coin out of each bag and weigh them each in turn, using the scale five times.


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    I'm not sure I've seen a channel show something like this. Thanks for the education!

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