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all wooded kingdom purple coins

Cap Kingdom Walkthrough. Cap Kingdom Power Moons. 01 – Frog-jumping Above the Fog. 02 – Frog-jumping from the Top Deck. 03 - Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1. Cap Kingdom's 'Moon Rock' Power Moons. 18 – Next to Glasses Bridge. 19 – Danger Sign. 20 – Under the Big One's Brim. Cap Kingdom Purple Coins. 1) The Deep Woods can be accessed if a player falls off of the main map. In the southern part of the main Wooded Kingdom area, there is a bunch. Missing ONE (1) Purple Coin In Forest Kingdom - Is It Hidden Or Did I Forget To In the wooded kingdom, a coin that a lot of people miss is in the section with I am currently close to getting all of the moons since I passed the Darker Side of. all wooded kingdom purple coins

All wooded kingdom purple coins -

Turn to the right, and look for a small, reddish tree right next to a larger, browner tree right in front of you. You should land somewhere behind the Crazy Cap shop. Have it climb onto the grey block then spring upwards to collect the 4 purple coins. Jump inside to obtain them. Set 5 x3 Head to the grove and check the back of the Crazy Cap Shop to find 3 purple coins. After collecting all the coins, use one of the many plant pots to escape the area and return to the main kingdom. Set 7 x3 Capture an Uproot by the ridge looming over the spawn location, then extend its legs to collect the 3 purple coins floating in the air. Set 9 x3 Inspect the Sphinx to trigger a riddle to unlock the secret room containing 3 purple coins. Grab one of the Uproots, all wooded kingdom purple coins head toward the southern edge of the plateau. Head back to the path and continue downhill. Shoot them to collect them.


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