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    "It's easier to fool someone than convince them that they've been fooled."

  2. Jithin K - Reply

    Here is a vox, a treble booster, some chorus and delay and a homemade guitar.

  3. Artista Atbp - Reply

    लेकिन मुझे ये सब करने के लिए रूपये💰 मिलते हैं जो आपको नहीं मिलते😊😊😊😊 👉🏼पता है कैसे??

  4. Amit Dubey - Reply

    Ok so the Annual Percentage Yield APY represents a return that I would get if I would keep it staked for a year even though I stake in only for lets say 30 days? So if APY for a coin is lets say 6% and I stake it for 30days that would mean that the actual return is 0.5% a month? As I understand it, its not 6% a month right?

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