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your opinion on buying rare hero soulstones (blue) from the barracks (paying with hero coins)? More posts from the afkarena community. Barracks. Buy ONLY 60 Elite Hero Soulstones. Lab Store. For F2P, your best bet is to rush Shemira every reset. After Shemira you'. › store.

Afk arena barracks coins -

The rewards you get from the hourglasses are based on your campaign progression so that you want to keep them as long as possible. My own tip: Build 2 strong lineups out of the 3 from the start until ultra late game. Again, self explanatory. Dannel, yes, the META changes almost every month. The dailies, in particular, are very important as they can be completed in only a few minutes, and grant hundreds of diamonds. Next to the Barracks is the Labyrinth Store. Guild Coins As its name suggests, you can obtain guild coins by contributing to your guild.


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    Yem coins ke baare me video banao plz...kaise purchase kare and all...

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    В @it's JimmyВ  I never know she was on WhatsApp till now, I inbox her on her mail address......

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