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The eBay seller explains: “This is a genuine 20p British coin that has a rare minting error where it has no date on either side.” The coin is being. When the Royal Mint redesigned the 20p piece in it decided to switch the date from the back of the coin to the front. However, an error at the. "A batch of 20p coins accidentally issued with no date on them could be worth £​50 each, say coin collectors." Not coin collectors, but coin dealers, or rather coin.

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Prices may vary depending on collector demand and the quality of the coin being sold. Even if the Royal Mint's highest estimate is correct, and , mules were released, according to the Royal Mint's website 2,,, 2. So what's the story? Metro Associated Newspapers About , of the coins have instantly jumped in value after the Royal Mint announced it had made a rare mistake and forgot to put a date on them. You could look on Google or speak to any proper coin dealer. For example, an Olympic 50p with a swimmer was recently re-released. As of Junecoins bearing the portrait by Jody Clark have been seen in circulation. It is it so-called London Mint Office, a private company which is not a mint, who are offering to buy them but you do have to pre-register with 20p coin without date first, they will send you promotional material, only the first 10, people can register, eventually they will presumably tell you how and where to send your coin singularthen they will pay you in 28 days if you are lucky. This coin is regarded by many as the Holy Grail of change 20p coin without date, and back inthe undated 20p saga encouraged an entire country to start carefully checking their coins. However, onlywere ever struck - making it the most sought after fifty pence to ever grace our change. It has now announced a recall, partly to remove the coins from circulation and also to keep track of them. The Mint will not send you a 20p coin without date box, perhaps the so-called London Mint Office will, but they are not the mint.


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