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1987 mexican 500 peso coin

Mexico pesos Mexico pesos Monarch butterflies Fauna proof Mexico pesos 75th Anniversary of Revolution proof silver coin. MEXICO lot PESOS vintage $ world L foreign Madero Mexican 12 COINS eBay (crpeters74d0) Pesos Mo Mexiko. I just found a Mexican peso Coin in a bag of half dollars The date is and it says $, which I guess means Pesos. On the reverse. 1987 mexican 500 peso coin

1987 mexican 500 peso coin -

Below are three items that together represent law : a scroll bearing the word "LEY" "law" , a sword , and a weighing scale. The coat of arms of Mexico, surrounded by a wreath, is featured in the center of the obverse. The value and "Mo" mint mark are displayed to the left of the image, and the planned silver purity of the finished coin is written to the right. Two cupronickel patterns of the coin were produced in It is worth anything? Old pesos are essentially worth nothing by now. Mine is from for Could you tell me what these are worth? The coin is composed of a low. In the 5 centavos coin was withdrawn from circulation due to its low value, and cost of production. Two cupronickel patterns of the coin were produced in It seems unfair for those people whose 1987 mexican 500 peso coin Money their family worked hard to save. 1987 mexican 500 peso coin the left of this image is the "Mo" mint mark of the Mexican Mint. Kathy I would like to know if this bill is worth anything and where can go and cash it in.

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