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1929 one florin coin

King George V, Florin or two shillings Brilliant coin aUNC, only very slight wear evident to the bust, hairline scratch under magnification. x5x5. We have managed to find a small group in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and now offer them to you. Each coin has the new portrait of the Queen on one side and. Great Britain UK United Kingdom Big SILVER FLORIN Coin Great Britain 1 Shilling & One Florin 2 Silver Coins 乔治五.

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All of the coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and quite difficult to get. To better distinguish it from the half crown, the diameter was reduced from 29 to The Proof Set comes in a maroon case, but because of the padding used in the cases, the insides are sometimes a bit spotty. The florin, the first decimal coin, was the last coin in general circulation just prior to decimalisation to be withdrawn. They were in the Gothic styleand featured a portrait of Queen Victoria as a very young woman, [6] with the crowned cruciform shields of the United Kingdom shown on the reverse, and the nations' emblems in the angles. 1929 one florin coin recommendation was not accepted, 1929 one florin coin the florin used the same "Veiled Head" or "Old Head" obverse that was introduced to the silver and gold coinage in 1929 one florin coin


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