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1840 rupee coin

India 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Rupee to Look at the picture of this beautiful old Indian rupee Mickey sent to CoinQuest. There are 1/4 and 1/2 rupee coins as. East India Company-Victoria Queen 1/4 Rupee Silver Divided Legend Coin​#S - Swastik Traders. Victoria Queen One Rupee Silver Coin, East India Company-Free Domestic India-British East India Company b Silver 1/4 Rupee Coin Plain 4.

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1840 के सिक्के की कीमत है ₹ 10,00,000 #AskTCP 21 Currency and proof issues of the dated rupee coins have a number of different obverse and reverse die varieties, which 1840 rupee coin helpful in identification of the mint. Indian rupee featuring bust of Edward VII. 1840 rupee coin Face value, country and date. In spite of having their own mints, the EIC either sent its bullion to the Mughal mints or forged the common coins of the contemporary Mughal Emperor. The dot-dating system was not used for these denominations, and is unique to the dated Bombay rupees.

1840 rupee coin -

As the Surat mint was unable to meet the required production rate, silver was also sent to the Ahmadabad mint in Silver coinage[ edit ] Type-set of Queen Victoria coins, silver and copper, all dated Early European style coins were not popular outside jurisdiction of their respective settlements. The Company long held a privileged position in relation to the English, and later the British, government. From this development, it may be inferred that by this time the 'batta' system must have all but disappeared. This particular coin was minted at Kolkata mint. Calcutta mint coins usually carry no mint mark or an incused 'C' at the bottom of the reverse. 1840 rupee coin


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