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KaiKBax Best Morgan US Dollars-Old Coin Collecting-USA Old 50 Old Coins - All 70 or More Years Old - Dating Back to The 's. Learn the history of the United States' gold and silver coins. in the mids produced enough gold to strike US coins and end the use of Spanish coins. Spanish silver coins were most common in North America until US coins outnumbered them by the mids. British coins, except coppers, were virtually​.

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After the Revolutionary War, the Articles of Confederation governed the country. When considering options for our first coins, Congress debated over whether to feature George Washington and later presidents. Federal Reserve notes, which were first issued in , were originally backed by gold. Click to expand. The dollar coin returned in , in a case very similar to the Morgan dollar, with the Susan B. However, the following year, a majority of states ratified the Constitution, establishing a new government and creating a new debate over national coinage. Barber adorn the dime, quarter and half dollar. That changed inwhen the first coinage act was passed and established the foundation for the US Mintwhich would oversee the production of all US coinage. Inafter much 1800s us coins about national coinage, Congress authorized the production of copper cents. The dollar coin returned inin a case very similar to the Morgan dollar, with the Susan B. It was made of pure copper and was a staple for making change, only to be abandoned 1800s us coins before the Civil War. Originally, cent coins were large and heavy.


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