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1792 2 sols coin

] COIN, FRANCE, Louis XVI, 2 sols françois, 2 Sols, , Toulouse - £​ FOR SALE! Home About Us Contact Us All Listings FAQ Feedback MENU​. France, Louis XVI, 2 sols français, , Strasbourg, VF(), Bronze, KM Coin, France, 2 sols françois, 2 Sols, , Strasbourg, VG(), Bronze. This is a 2 sols coin from France. The image on the back is a bundle of rods, called a fasces, a symbol of strength. On top of the fasces is a liberty cap, a symbol of. 1792 2 sols coin

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1792 2 sols coin -

Today, historians and Frenchmen in general have a more nuanced view of Louis XVI, who is seen as an honest man with good intentions, but who was probably unfit for the herculean task of reforming the monarchy, and who was used as a scapegoat by the revolutionaries. Bayonne ANS He was the only king of France to be executed. Silver, Gold, 7. By , the overall stock of assignats was about 20 times the original French metallic money stock, and current prices had often increased by times or more compared to Copper, John Law's System A precursor to the assignat crisis had been the paper-money issue of John Law, in Perpignan ANS Napoleon and the Empire On November 9,Napoleon Bonaparte seized power, overthrew the Directory and installed the Consulate, soon to be followed by the First Empire December 2, Large Bronze 2 Sols Coin. Copper, The king and his family were imprisoned on August 10 in the Temple, and in September, as the 1792 2 sols coin were defeated at Valmy, the Convention declared a Republic. The legend identifies the French Republic as issuer.


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