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10 rs fake coin images

The rumors on fake 10 rupee coins are all false. RBI says, both these 10 rupee coins were minted by the Government of India and are legal. While there is still a section of people who refuse to accept ₹ 10 coins believing them to be fake, India's central bank, Reserve Bank of India. The move came after RBI received multiple reports about these coins being rejected as being fake during transactions. RBI's notice for Rs 10 coin.

10 rs fake coin images -

A local from Goa said, "There was an immense shortage of the coins a few months back. But as long as there is a concentration of 'change' in a region, it will invite problems like this. If not, it will be replaced. But still, I am confused why such fake 10 rupee coins circulating if the news is genuine. Hence, even if someone tries to fake it then it is hard to maintain the same quality and finishing. Remember that the cost of producing the fake currency coin is high when compare to producing the fake currency notes. Horizontal Lines: Check for the horizontal lines above and below of the three lions symbol. Because of banks' actions, the local shop owners start to reject the coin by giving support to the false claims of the wholesalers for the coin being fake. Regions which accept it While states like Uttar Pradesh have such immense number of coins in the circulation that every month or two, there surfaces a rumour which tends to cut them off the circulation, other states face a 10 rs fake coin images of 10 rs fake coin images coins. However, in recent times, the shortage in other areas has improved. It is completely wrong. In the real coin, the number 10 is printed with both gold and silver covered on it, but on fake coins, the number is printed only on silver.

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