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10 cent coin south africa

Review the free World Coin Price Guide on to research South Africa 10 Cents prices prior to purchasing. South Africa, 5 Cents, , VF(), Copper Plated Steel, KM · South Africa, 10 Cents, , EF(), Bronze Plated Steel, KM · South Africa, Cent. Shop ZA JU South Africa 10 Cents vintage DE PO and more authentic and unique collectibles coins at Amazon's Collectible Coins Store.

10 cent coin south africa -

In celebration of Swaziland's independence, that year the Swazi government issued a series of non-circulating commemoratives in denominations of 5 , 10, 20 , and 50 cents, 1 luhlanga , and 1 lilangeni. Ten thousand examples of the 10 cent coin were produced, all with a proof finish. The face value "10 CENTS" is printed next to the depiction, with the numeral inscribed in a large, outlined font to the upper left, and the word "CENTS" curved counterclockwise along the coin's bottom left periphery. An ox hide shield of the Swazi Emasotsha Regiment is illustrated vertically in the middle of the reverse , superimposing two assegais and a staff decorated with injobo tassels. The face value "10c —", abbreviated for "10 cents", is written at the bottom left, slanted to the lower right, while the Gregorian date of minting, "", is printed to the bottom right, angled to the upper right. The 1 rand coin was in silver and has the diameter of The gold rand coins were minted until The coin is scalloped in shape, having eight rounded notches. They were sold exclusively in sets with the other commemoratives, excluding the 1 lilangeni piece. The 10 cent piece, which was later struck again inis composed of cupronickel and measures 3. Of these, an 10 cent coin south africa number of uncirculated normal pieces; all 13, of the proofs; and 3, of the proofs were sold in sets by the Central Bank of Swaziland. 10 cent coin south africa


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