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btc automaten

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  1. Brant Barton - Reply

    here's something i don't like (don't understand?) about this entire NFT thing: as far as i understand, the token itself isn't in any way bound to the product that was bought, nor the other way around. it just stores a reference to the current owner and the previous ones. in which case, what makes it different from just a public .pdf invoice? i feel like NFT doesn't quite give the feel of "onwership", which seems to be the entire selling point. this is something i really want to like, i guess i just don't really see the point of it, so it would be great if someone explained why i'm wrong 😄

  2. Raja Verma - Reply

    В @Amber StaffordВ  YEs capital proceeds will be deemed at market value when you leave AU. You pay au tax on that when you finally sell.

  3. sharath krishnan - Reply

    Would like to know more about selling crypto coins. Have read some people have had problems getting their money.

  4. Sumit Prasad - Reply

    I'll be rewatching these crypto vids of yours because as of know my head couldn't handle all of these info dumps lmao

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