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Cointele -

Cointele -

: Cointele

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CoinTelevision: COOL COINS \u0026 CURRENCY! Houston Money Show, January 23, 2021.


  1. kishor kr sharma - Reply

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  2. Drawing Shikhe - Reply

    Glad you covered this topic. I've been trying to find this type of information recently.

  3. Aasef Shaikh - Reply

    ???????????? How do you transfer money in? You don't explain this at all. There's no option on the screen for depositing money, no form boxes nothing. Am I supposed to go into my bank account and manually do a payment to the account number on the exchange screen? Why is none of this explained anywhere?

  4. BC BestClips - Reply

    If this song was an item it would be the iconic green dress in this music video

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